animation studio

Animation Components

The different parts of an animation.


The script lets us know what is happening in an animation.

You can send us a script or we can develop one for you but we will need an outline of roughly what you want to happen. This should be geared towards your marketing plan and we advise that you have your marketing ideas ready. The script doesn’t apply to Lyric Animations as they already have singing!


After receiving the script or outline, we will provide storyboards so we can refine the idea further.

Storyboards are hand-drawn (or digitally drawn) pieces to describe each scene. We provide up to 10 pages of storyboards within the animation packages which is roughly 1 minute of animations. If you already have storyboards ready, please let our team know and we can go straight into the production process.


Sound greatly affects the mood of the animation.

Most animations require sound effects (sfx), background music and/or voice overs (VO). We provide royalty free sound effects and we can also provide voice overs of your choice. Background music is a little more complex with copyright laws. We recommend purchasing a commercial license to use any background music so that you can avoid any copyright issues.

You may also send your own voice over and we will do our best to clean it up but we cannot guarantee the quality if you do it yourself. Lyric videos (by default) need music, but this is the client’s music.
Example: Logo Animation with royalty free sound effects.

Voice Over Samples

Our team has a range of people who can be the voice of your brand. Below are sample sounds but feel free to message us so we can arrange a more suitable voice.

Female – American
Male – Australian


Graphics are the most important part of your animation!

If you have photos specific to team members, locations, or products that you wish to have in the video then we need these in good quality. We can find some stock footage as well but this can make the video look generic.

If there are scenes that will require graphics, we will have to create these prior to production. This applies mostly to Whiteboard Animations as they require every scene to be drawn up but it can also apply to other animations like Explainer Videos.

Basic graphics are included for animations but complex illustrations are priced separately as these can take hours to draw up.

Please make sure:
– Your brand logo in either a PNG, PDF, or EPS vector format
– You provide good quality photos of your products, team members and/or stock photos (minimum 1920 x 1080)
Example: Lyric Animation that has video footage with graphic elements on top.

Video Footage

Video footage can cut the time of production down and we can edit live action footage to include animated graphics in them. If this is required then the client can engage an external party and we may have some videographers that we can contact for you. We will advise you of their costs on engagement and keep it in one packaged deal.