Calski “One More Song”

One More Song

By Calski ft. Raven, Rainman & Flu

One More Song is a hip hop song created by a group of Australian artists. The visuals requested was to be in line with the imagery of lo-fi hip hop songs. The entire scene was digitally painted using photoshop and everything that occurs in the scene relates to the lyrics being sung. This lyric animation project required the scene to be painted from scratch.

*All videos used for collating these works are for preview purposes only. Please do not repost or re-use any media without permission from the client and our studio. Reproduction of these videos are subject to Copyright Laws.

Need Lyric Animation?

The Hand Over

At the end of an animation, we provide our clients with the following files:

  1. MP4 – The MP4 video format is one of the most fluid formats to use which is why the final video will be exported in MP4.
  2. JPEG Thumbnail – One still-shot thumbnail from the MP4 to serve as a cover.
  3. Snippet – The client may also request for a 30 second to 1-minute snippet of their video for a preview which will be in MP4