Duo Pilates Promotions

Duo Pilates Promotions

The Project

Duo Pilates required promotional designs for their upcoming launch of The Duo Pilates Method; an e-book that will be sold online along with a few other products. The campaign required several posts for social media and needed to reflect the branding. The look took a Scandinavian minimalist style and used white space to accentuate the message. The client wished to launch the eBook and asked for a countdown which will be posted on Facebook, Instagram, and their Stories.

Story Post Size

After the countdown, they also required promotional materials for their product and for preview, we only show the square layouts but these also were given in the other layouts for their social media.

Web Graphics

A few website graphics were also required of the product as it was launched.

website designs
digital banners
web banners


Website graphics also included banner designs to be placed throughout the client’s site.

*All images used for collating these works are for preview purposes only and are not necessarily the correct dimensions or resolution. Please do not repost or re-use any media without permission from the client and our studio. Reproduction of these images are subject to Copyright Laws. Please note that folio works are written shortly after completion of works and businesses may change or close down in future.

Need Promotional Material?

The Hand Over

Promotional designs are often fast-paced and may come in various formats depending on what the client requires. Digital formats may also require the 20% text rule if clients are boosting their material. For promotional materials, we may provide our clients with the following files:

  1. Flyers and Posters – Flyers and posters are printable materials and require different colour information and resolutions. Please let our team know what size you require and if your printer requires a “bleed”. 
  2. Square Post – The square post has the dimensions of 1080 x 1080 pixels and is provided in JPG. They are very useful for social media and may be animated or created as a still post.
  3. Story Post – Story posts are put up in social media and have a vertical HD dimension of 1080 x 1920 pixels and are provided in JPG. 
  4. Other Media – Some clients may request for a custom dimension or format. They will need to specify this when starting a project.

We may also contact a printer directly for a client. Just let us know and we will quote you the price of printing and place it all in one invoice!