E. Studios Website

E. Studios Website

Of course, we wouldn’t be a creative studio if we didn’t create our own website!

basic wordpress

UX/UI Design

Our website has been designed for simplicity so that our customers will easily be able to find what they need. They can opt for either a design or an animation service and it will explain on the page what type of services we offer. We also show samples of our works on its own page. As an added bonus, we added a little video to explain creative briefs in our contact page. It’s also completely mobile and tablet friendly!

*Websites are handed over to the client at the end and our studio is not responsible for any updates or changes that the client may make after the hand over process. Please note that some of the examples may be different to the original version we created.

Looking for quality design service?

The Hand Over

Websites are a bigger project. It may take several iterations. During a handover, the client must have their own hosting for the site to be transferred into and their domain must also be active. After the site has been transferred, the client will be provided with information on how to run their site on their own. Backups or maintenance thereafter will be done by the client unless they specifically engage our studio.