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by Jozzelle De Jesus

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Of course, I created this website from start to finish. How? With a lot of patience.

The website has been designed for simplicity so that customers will easily be able to find what they need.  It’s also completely mobile and tablet friendly! It has evolved over the years but the general layout has been kept. Let’s take a look at the tools I used:

  • WordPress Shell (Multi-Site Activated)
  • Business Hosting and Domain with VentraIP
  • Brackets (my personal preference in typing web code)
  • Plugins: WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Elementor, Google reCAPTCHA, SiteKit by Google, YOAST, etc.
User Experience Design
IMAGE ABOVE: Sketching up a rough sitemap of our website URLs


Prior to the actual website development, I needed to create a functional and appealing design. The image above was the initial sketch of how the URLs would be structured. Often this stage may take a few iterations. A lot of amateur business owners will skip this stage as they only see the website like an advertisement piece placed on the newspaper but the website actually has a lot more potential and not paying attention to your linking can cost you more for your business. ‘

The name of your URLs help with your SEO.

That’s right, it helps! Which is why it’s encouraged that you don’t use the auto-generated random numbers when you create a post. Do you think your Google Drive link will ever show up in a keyword search for “graphic design”? The chances are slim. However, if your article had a title like “What is graphic design?” and had a url “example.com/what-is-graphic-design” then you can be sure it will start ranking for that keyword!

User Interface Design
IMAGE ABOVE: Designing the possible layout of the website

Web Design

If you’re looking at the scribbles above, you can probably tell I used my Wacom tablet to create my concepts. It has become very useful in sketching ideas and I can easily bring it along when talking to clients. 

Instead of redrawing the whole thing, I cut my ideas into what I call “content blocks” and number them so I can simply refer to one image and build a new layout idea from mix and matching the numbers.

Now to find out how I can make that on my website as a drag-drop function for my clients! 


EDIT IN 2023

My Wacom Mobile Studio Pro lost it's battery quite quickly. It lasted this long I guess; I bought it in 2018. I have tried asking around and NOBODY in Australia so far will accept repairing a Wacom Mobile Studio Pro even if I was happy to pay. If you were in the same boat and can find me someone who repairs these, please hit the button below.


Web Development

I used a content management system (CMS) called WordPress. Just so we’re on the same page, WordPress has two types: the blog version and the standalone version. The standalone version can be installed in your hosting while the blog is restricted and managed by WordPress themselves. I simply needed the standalone WordPress to create the “shell” of our website without having to start from scratch. This greatly speeds up the process but there are still a few technical aspects that needed to be checked.

  • Functionality – the design looks great on paper and on a basic interactive plan but will it work properly once it is online?
  • User Experience – can our users find what they want and is everything easy to understand?
  • Responsiveness – WordPress has a natural structure for responsiveness but certain customisations still need to be checked.

Website Roll-Out

The website was planned to be rolled-out in a few stages. The first stage involved a landing page. Yes! A single-page design. It was quick and practical and it didn’t need too much; just a single menu at the top that links to every section on the page. This is always my recommended layout for people who just want a website but don’t really need to touch it. I did it with this site since I was already operating and had little time to complete a full-blown development. 

After six months, I decided to expand the website by adding the service pages, About page, Contact page and a Terms of Service page. Then after another six months, I added a Store to show some standard pricing. This is the beauty of WordPress; you can expand it to many different avenues. You don’t have to get all the features at once, just make a plan and follow it through in several stages.

For now, I have continued to enhance and improve our website. If you have any feedback, feel free to send a message. 

animator brisbane graphic designer

Jozzelle De Jesus
BIntEntertainment, Director

25 February, 2020

*Websites are handed over to the client at the end and our studio is not responsible for any updates or changes that the client may make after the hand over process. Please note that some of the examples may be different to the original version we created.

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