PVC Card Printing

The more durable cards that can be used for access cards, IDs, memberships, and more!

If you’re looking to print a more durable type of card, then PVC cards are the products for you. This type of material can last much longer than paper cards and can provide a more professional look and finish for your event, brand, or company.

Event Passes

Passes printed on PVC can make your event run more securely. Paper bands and cardstock are cheap and easily available at budget shops. With PVC printed badges, you’ll know that the design will be one of a kind and harder to replicate. Not only will it give your customers a lasting souvenir, but it ensures your event is secure. 

Great event passes can provide guests exclusive VIP access to special events and sections. Most importantly, you can keep accurate and essential data on all your guests and attendees.

Our event cards can easily work with your POS system using a barcode or QR code.

id badge card

ID Cards & Membership Cards

Need something more like an ID card or a membership card with your customers’ details? No problem! Just like the event passes, we can create your custom design. We can even print each member’s photo along with their details on their PVC access cards. 

ID cards ensure your membership is one of a kind and cannot be easily replicated. You’ll look and feel professional to your customers. Each card can have it’s own barcode or QR code that can be integrated with your system, making the experience feel seamless for everyone.


Premium Business Cards

Want to take your business to the next level? Then check out PVC cards as an option. It’s durable and definitely makes an impression to your clientele.

We can bring in NFC cards to create your own “one-tap” business card so you can transfer your details directly to another person’s phone without having to provide anything extra into their wallet. Let’s face it, when business cards are lost, they are gone forever. NFC cards on the other hand only need one card that will last a lifetime. All you have to do is tap!

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Jozzelle De Jesus

25th March, 2022

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