Pokemon and Powerpuff Girls Mashup

Pokemon & Powerpuff Girls Mashup

Pokemon, gotta catch em- ..poke?

Not quite your average Pokemon, we created this popculture mashup illustration between Pokemon and the Powerpuff Girls. Originally made for a task where we were asked to illustrate our favourite popculture character, we couldn’t decide on just one, so we decided to mash the two together! 

Poke Girls is now available to buy on shirts exclusively from Frontier Games.

The Final Logo

pokemon powerpuff girls

The Hand Over

At the end of an illustration, we provide our clients with the following files in 4K resolution which ensures they will be able to flawlessly print it onto their required merchandise:

  1. EPS Files (optional) – This is a vector file and ensures that the design is 100% crisp, no matter the size. This can only be opened with a design software.
  2. PNG Files – The png is a transparent format and is useful when creating a layered design.
  3. JPEG Files – The JPEG file is a compressed file which is the smallest size you can have. This format does not come transparent.