The Project

Vedo is an up and coming RNB singer who was brought over for several performances around Australia. For promotional materials, the Studio was involved with creating posts to engage the younger generation who listen to this new musician.

Competition Post

Facebook 20% Rule

The competition involved for winning tickets to Vedo’s concert required the Facebook 20% rule as the marketing team for this campaign needed to boost this post. Even with the limit of this rule, the design of the flyer can still be balanced when positioned correctly.

Social Posts

Story posts match the square design that is posted during the campaign. Apart from static posts, there were also a few animated flyers involved with this marketing strategy which you can find below. 

Some of the posts involved just static posts to break up the animated flyers in between the weeks leading up to the event. Unlike the competition, these were not boosted posts and therefore allowed more usage of the design space.

Social Media Animations

Social media animations were used heavily in this campaign. There were seven promotional videos created in total. Some were give the “Swipe Up” icon at the bottom for the promoters who had this ability. All promotional videos were created in the size of a story (1080 x 1920) and also a version to be posted. These animations contained videos by the artists and were provided by the event promoter. 

*All images and videos used for collating these works are for preview purposes only and are not necessarily the correct dimensions or resolution. Please do not repost or re-use any media without permission from the client and our studio. Reproduction are subject to Copyright Laws. Please note that folio works are written shortly after completion of works and businesses may change or close down in future.

The Hand Over

Promotional designs are often fast-paced and may come in various formats depending on what the client requires. Digital formats may also require the 20% text rule if clients are boosting their material. For promotional materials, we may provide our clients with the following files:

  1. Flyers and Posters – Flyers and posters are printable materials and require different colour information and resolutions. Please let our team know what size you require and if your printer requires a “bleed”. 
  2. Square Post – The square post has the dimensions of 1080 x 1080 pixels and is provided in JPG. They are very useful for social media and may be animated or created as a still post.
  3. Story Post – Story posts are put up in social media and have a vertical HD dimension of 1080 x 1920 pixels and are provided in JPG. 
  4. Other Media – Some clients may request for a custom dimension or format. They will need to specify this when starting a project.

We may also contact a printer directly for a client. Just let us know and we will quote you the price of printing and place it all in one invoice!