Document Design

$ 240.00

A design for a book or document that requires multiple pages.

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A design for a book or document that requires multiple pages. This includes any infographic materials that need to be redrawn and the file is exported to a printable pdf.  This service includes a cover page design and at least one to four internal page layouts with a back cover page layout. Any illustrations requested will be a separate charge. 3 revisions are included in this service and any further revisions will have to be charged separately. It is important to remember that when we send the drafts for document designs, the files being sent are for viewing only and not the final printable document.

What does this mean?

This means you can still try and print it but it won’t be in the final, high quality version until the end of the process.

Why do we do this?

Email servers can only handle small files and printable files tend to get really large.

What we need from you:

  • We need the dimensions of the document.
    For example: This is going to be an A4 booklet.
  • We need the information. What is going in the document?
  • Any particular photos that need to be in the design (For example: you might have a photo of your team or products) or if you’re happy with licence free stock photos, we can suggest some.
  • Your branding material – the brand logo in PNG or EPS format, any colours or fonts that your brand uses, and (if you have one) a brand guide

You will receive:

  • Your document in a PDF printable file.