Logo Design

$ 510.00

Creative service to design one professional quality logo of your description. Includes a Logo Guide* in PDF and a version of the logo for your email signatures.

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A design for one logo.


What You Will Receive

  • High resolution image files of the logo in different layouts (vertical/horizontal and square) – in PDF, EPS, SVG, JPEG & PNG.
  • A short, designer’s manual called a ‘Logo Guide’ which outlines the fonts, colours and processes used to create your logo – in PDF.*
  • Compact version of the logo suitable for your email signatures. Why is it important?


Your Service

We structure our process so you always know where the design is at, and to make it easier for you to make key decisions as things progress. The process is a guide, and we’re always flexible when it comes to what the client needs.


We take time to chat with you and jot down the vision that’s on your mind. We’ll work out any requirements such as shape, font and colour scheme, and understand from you where to fill creative gaps.


Based on our consultation, we’ll send four drafted concepts in black and white. The fun part is for you to look at them and see what shapes and font contours you like (colour comes later). You don’t need to choose a winner here. You can mix and match the elements to tell us what does and doesn’t work for you. You have room for three revisions before we need to proceed to the next stage so please take your time to review the concepts carefully.


Now that we’re closer to the silhouette you’re after, we redraft and send another set of variations in different colours. You’ll be able to see how colours look on the silhouettes, and can tell us again what does and doesn’t work for you. Again you will have three more revisions before we need to proceed to the next stage so please take your time to review the concepts carefully.

Final Stage

We make final adjustments based on all your feedback, and send refined variations for you to pick a winning logo. Once you’ve chosen, we send everything in “What You Will Receive” so you can start showing off your brand new, professionally-designed logo.


* The Logo Guide

We often get asked what a Logo Guide is for. It’s useful for technical reasons, especially for Graphic Designers.

  • Maybe you want text on your website to be the same font as your logo.
  • Maybe you want to keep colours consistent and need to know the exact hue of navy blue or soft pink used on your logo.
  • Maybe you’ve asked a graphic designer to edit your logo, or adapt it for a special Halloween event you’re promoting.

The Logo Guide will have all this information. It even has a step-by-step process of how your logo was created so a Graphic Designer can recreate, edit or adapt it for you with ease.