Logo Design

$ 300.00

A design for one logo which includes a PDF guide for the client along with a signature template.

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A design for one logo. 

The logo design process involves the first draft in black and white (Silhouette) and a second draft (Coloured) to define client taste and expectations. These will then be refined to one logo. A PDF guide of the logo is also provided for the client along with a signature template.

Silhouette Stage

We will send four drafts in black and white. You will need to focus on the shapes and fonts of the design. They will be varying on purpose so that we can narrow it down but this doesn’t mean choosing one winner. It is critical that you tell us what you really like and what you really don’t like with the different designs. You can ask to mix it up or even tell us you don’t like it all completely. Just remember that not liking it completely means we will not use those same elements to make the next batch of designs.

Colour Stage

We will send the Silhouettes in colour so that you can pick an ultimate winner. You will need to tell us again if there are things you like or do not like.

Final Stage

At the final stage, we simply send the logo to you!

What you receive

At the end of a logo design, we provide our clients with:

  • Logo Vertical/Horizontal Layout – in PDF, EPS, SVG, JPEG & PNG
  • Square Layout – in PDF, EPS, SVG, JPEG & PNG
  • Style Guide (Outlines Fonts, Colours, Design Process) – in PDF
  • Version for Email Signature – in JPEG & PNG

What the files are for:

  • EPS Files – This is a vector file and is the most crucial file for a client to keep. This is usually given to a designer as it can be resized without losing any quality.
  • PNG Files – The png is a transparent format and is useful when creating a layered design.
  • JPEG Files – The JPEG file is a compressed file which is the smallest size you can have of your logo. This format does not come transparent.
  • Email Signature Size – As an added bonus, we export a version of your logo that you can place into your emails. Make sure to use this version or your signature will be far too large for your email server if you use any of the other files! To read more about why we do this, click here.
  • Logo Guide – As an added bonus, we provide our clients with a logo guide in a PDF format. The guide allows them to understand what fonts and colours were used to create the design and also show how the logo was created step-by-step. This extra PDF helps keep the brand consistent should the client ever need to make more designs with another graphic artist.