Packaging Design

$ 120.00

A design for one packaging material, ready for printing.

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A design for one packaging material, ready for printing. This service requires specific information from the manufacturer. A mock up of the product packaging is also useful for the accuracy of production. 3 revisions are included in this service and any further revisions will have to be charged separately. It is important to remember that when we send the drafts for document designs, the files being sent are for viewing only and not the final printable document.

What does this mean?

This means you can still try and print it but it won’t be in the final, high quality version until the end of the process.

Why do we do this?

Email servers can only handle small files and printable files tend to get really large.

What we need from you:

  • We need a mock up to see roughly how it looks.
  • We need the packaging “dieline” so that we can place the design on it
    We need the information. This is everything required for you to display on your packaging which can be barcodes (in EPS or PNG), Nutrition Information, Made in Australia Statement, Allergen Statements and Warnings, or even just your marketing blurbs that are on the product packaging.
  • Any particular photos that need to be in the design (For example: a mango drink might need a photo of a mango) or if you’re happy with licence free stock footage, we can suggest some in the design.
  • We also need any information your printer might require.
    For Example: Some printers might specifically request to use Pantone colours instead of CMYK.

You will receive:

  • Your packaging in a PDF on the dieline.