Product Mock-up

$ 420.00

A mock-up of a product that has not yet been manufactured. See past examples here.

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A product mock-up is usually needed to provide a visual example of the intended product. Because this is not yet being manufactured, the mock-up is used in sales pitches or to show the printer how the product should look. Some products may require a packaging design service after the mock-ups whilst others may not. Food packaging labels usually need the packaging design service as they have legal requirements with their labels but products like shirts or hats may only need a mock-up for the printer to know where they will be printing. You are allowed five revisions in this design service.


What You Will Receive

  • High quality mock-ups of your product in PNG so you can use it in different backgrounds.
  • The mock-up in a “Hero Shot” – The hero shot is a shot that sells the product which can have a background or other elements to make it look more appealing to the viewer.


What We Need From You

  • Brand materials – This is the logo and any information about the fonts and colours that will be used including (if you have one) a brand guide.
  • We need to see what the product packaging looks like so we can find a suitable package to place the design into.
  • Any particular photos that need to be in the design or if you’re happy with licence free stock footage, we can suggest some in the design.
    For example: a mango drink might need a photo of a mango.
  • We also need any information your printer might require.
    For example: Some printers might specifically request to use Pantone colours instead of CMYK.