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Computer (Desktop) 07/25/2020 07/25/2020

Product No: 6SH50PAR

Colour: Silver

Model: dr0022TX

Bought: 25-May-2020

Laptop HP HP Envy x360 HP Envy 1 0 1 8CG9297MVZ 15" hp-envy 0 Active jozzelle jozzelle
Hard Drive 07/25/2020 07/25/2020

Synology DiskStation

Product No:

Colour: Black

Model: DS218

Bought: 29-Mar-2020

Synology DS218 Synology DiskStation 2 0 1 Synology-diskStation 0 Active jozzelle jozzelle
Monitor 07/25/2020 07/25/2020

Product No:

Colour: Black

Model: UP2716D

Bought: 29-Mar-2020

Dell UP2716D Dell IPS Monitor 3 0 1 Dell-IPS-monitor 4 Active jozzelle jozzelle
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