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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Jozzelle

My first work experience in graphic design began in 2006 when our high school offered placement. 

Since then, I’ve been deeply involved in creative fields like graphic design, animation, web work, and illustration. I’ve also been teaching these subjects from basic to advanced levels. I am highly adaptable with new technologies and can quickly learn new software. 

I hold both a Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment (Animation) and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and regularly find ways of staying updated in the creative fields.

over 10+ years of

experience with many brands

Extensive Knowledge in

industry software

I’ve been working with the Adobe Suite since long before it was subscription-based and have quite a lot of knowledge when it comes to 3D software and website development. I am able to use HTML5, CSS, PHP, and a little bit of JavaScript including making expressions in After Effects.

Adobe Illustrator Expert
WordPress 95%
Adobe Photoshop Expert
Adobe Photoshop 80%
Adobe After Effects Expert
Adobe After Effects 85%
Adobe Indesign knowledge
Adobe InDesign 75%
adobe character animator knowledge
Adobe Character Animator 75%
Media Encoder knowledge
Adobe Media Encoder 75%
WordPress Expert
WordPress 95%
XD expert
Adobe XD 75%
cPanel knowledge
cPanel 65%
Filezilla FTP knowledge
FileZilla 55%
Tumult Hype Expert
Tumult Hype 75%
Adobe Animate Expert
Adobe Animate 65%
adobe audition knowledge
Adobe Audition 95%
3DS Max Expert
Autodesk 3DS Max 90%
dimension knowledge
Adobe Dimension 80%
Acrobat Expert
Adobe Acrobat 75%
blender knowledge
Blender 65%
Adobe Premiere knowledge
Adobe Premiere 55%