About Jozzelle

Who am I?

I help with bringing your brand to life by providing services in graphic design, animation, web design, and illustration. This is your all-in-one solution.

creative brisbane


Create with imagination

collaborate brisbane


Collaborate for the best outcomes

connect brisbane


Connect by listening with open communication

care brisbane


Care about the work as well as the clients

It’s all about anything creative.

I started as a freelancer back in late 2011; I gained my first professional design experience in 2006.

My passion has always been in the creative arts and in teaching the best practices to my students and clients alike. I aim to provide only the best quality designs and animations by communicating and understanding my clients.

I don’t want to just create beautiful designs or animations, I want to be bringing your brand to life.

A Message for Recruiters

The very first question I ask is this: “Are you looking for a developer in games, software or web?”

For the occasional recruiter who would approach and ask me for a particular role, I leave this message. While I cannot create software, I can code as I have learnt this over the years, but it depends on what kind of coding. 

My capabilities in code:

I created this current website and worked with TAFE in creating online micro-credential courses which you can only view when enrolled into a free course. From my experience, I have working knowledge of how game coding and web/app coding works, but I am not capable of creating entire systems of software or apps and I am not a full-stack developer; my extensive knowledge spreads over multiple creative roles in which I can utilise code to improve animation, basic functionality and visuals. 

A creative full-stack developer is not a unicorn, you are usually looking for two separate roles especially if there is a deadline: a creative like me with working knowledge of coding and a full-stack developer with understanding of design principles. Asking for one person for a programming and creative role is like asking someone if they have four hands to do the work.