Frequently Asked Questions​ (FAQ)

We know there are a few questions on your mind so we’ve answered some of them here for you. If you can’t find your question in the list below, feel free to send us a message and we will answer it within 48 hours.

We always advise our customers to allow for 2-5 business days before receiving a first draft but bigger projects may need at least 10 business days. We also advise that it takes 1-2 business days for amendments and 3-5 business days for bigger projects.

Yes we can! Our team can process rush orders but will require you to pay the whole amount upfront. The price is also doubled as we have to bring it ahead of schedule and inconvenience other clients. We recommend that you also download whatsapp so that we can provide the drafts and receive feedback from you quicker.

Our standard quotes are free and most prices are already in our website store. You only need to pay for the detailed quote as this takes a lot of time for our staff to put it together using our resources. The detailed quote itemises everything so that you know where your money is going. Don’t worry, we credit this to your project once you give our team the approval.

We are an online-based studio and our staff are located all around Australia. Our Director is based in Brisbane and handles the clients directly. She can come to you if you are anywhere in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, and even Sunshine Coast. Otherwise, feel free to email us on or give our Director a call on 0435 340 403.

We ensure all our staff are 100% qualified in delivering only the best creative services and we also keep our insurances up-to-date. We have put together fair pricing that is monitored and updated each year depending on the current Australian market. If you are looking for a better price for several services that you might require, we may send you a tailored package if you request it from us via email: 

A vector illustration provides you with a file that can be resized by printers and designers to print onto anything you wish while a standard portrait is just an image that is 1080 x 1080 pixels (The standard size for a post on instagram).

This shows us that you are 100% committed to what you are buying and that you have also read our Terms of Service.

These files are vector files and will only open with a design software like Adobe Illustrator. They are provided for certain designs where you will need it resized larger or smaller. Vector files allow this to be done without going blurry or pixelated.

You can ring our team and let us know. We will set up a ZIP payment to make sure you don’t incur any of our late fees.

The standard prices displayed on our store can only accommodate for 3 revisions as we have to pay our staff for longer work times. Most clients don’t get to use the three revisions as our team provides great quality work. If you find that you meet the third revision and are still unhappy with the service, you can choose to continue with an hourly rate that we will provide to you. Otherwise, we will advise when we have come to the third revision and you are also free to wrap up the service.

Unfortunately, it costs to hire people that follow up overdue invoices and our accounts team have email reminders sent to you several times prior to the due date. You will be held responsible.

Drafts are only previews of the final work. We provide the draft so we can gain your feedback first but the final item will be provided in the correct size and resolution.

PNG files have a transparency which means there are parts of the image that don’t have any colour information (not even white or black). A white image with transparency will show up with either a white-looking or black-looking background because the computer/phone attempts to show it to you in a preview. This does not mean it is just a white box. If you can’t see it, try opening the image in photoshop or an image editor. Our team will often provide a JPG version with the same name to the PNG file so that you can preview white PNGs.

If the service has been completed, then you are required to pay. 

We cancel the services for two main reasons: You have an outstanding invoice or you were abusive to our team.

There are only two reasons that we ask clients for full upfront payment. You either have a rush order or you have a history of late payments.

Yes we can! We can service anywhere in the world. The payment will have to be converted in your currency and may have a conversion fee upon payment, depending on your bank. We cannot control the conversion fee as that is up to your bank.