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Please note the following works are for viewing purposes only and are periodically updated. Due to the scale of work and experience that I have, it is impossible to display all projects I have worked in as many also require NDA’s to be signed. If you wish to see further examples of particular projects, please send an email with your query.

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graphic design

Adobe Illustrator Expert
Adobe Photoshop Expert
Adobe Indesign knowledge
Acrobat Expert
dimension knowledge

Social Media content

You may have most likely, already seen my work. Part of my work has been in social media design and I complement it with animation. The examples you see are a handful of client designs I have created in the past. I have, and can work with clients on an ongoing basis to improve their social content and remain current whilst putting forward a unified brand. 

Print designs

Print designs require more technical knowledge in image resolution and an understanding of printing practices. I provide a service where I can liaise with the printing company directly for customers to make the process easier and faster. I have a range of experience on printed materials like small flyers, business cards, posters, magazines, booklets, signage, and even large-format printing for banners and billboards.


I have worked with a handful of companies in packaging design. Often this requires technical support and a meticulous attention to detail. I pride myself in delivering accurate designs at a high quality. Having knowledge of appropriate file setup when it comes to printing with specialised embellishments, and having skills in illustration, I am also able to provide customised and unique designs for your product.

One of my more highlighted works in packaging is the project I worked with a company called “Dogoodlabs”. These brekky bars had an initial simplistic design which were given I. domestic flights with Virgin Australia as complementary snacks to promote mental health awareness. It also came in a nut trail mix and a popcorn mix.

Some works in product design may also require a pre-render to visualize the product before it has been produced. I can also assist here as I have knowledge and experience with 3D. The examples below are 3D renders and may look different from the real products.

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Adobe After Effects Expert
Media Encoder knowledge
Adobe Illustrator Expert
adobe character animator knowledge
Adobe Photoshop Expert
adobe audition knowledge
blender knowledge

Event Promo Campaigns

I have extensive experience creating large-scale content for event campaigns. For these projects I often need permission to use artist videos and I will work with the event promoter directly to produce a unified campaign. I edit the promotional videos myself after the client has decided on an event poster and theme.


Occasionally, a musician might approach me with their music and will have a preliminary vision for their animation. I would either storyboard or create a scene for them to provide feedback on and develop into a full animated sequence.

Other Animations

I work on other animations that can involve other animated content and even characters. This type of animation may take longer as I will set up characters from concept, to rigging, to animated content and may also need to setup backgrounds and props.

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website designs

WordPress Expert
XD expert
Filezilla FTP knowledge
cPanel knowledge
Tumult Hype Expert
Adobe Animate Expert
Adobe Illustrator Expert
Adobe Photoshop Expert
web design
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Adobe Photoshop Expert
Adobe Illustrator Expert