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Basic Website

*Maintenance includes backup management as well as regular updating of back end systems after web development. This is offered to clients who opt for the All-In-One page service as we host the site on our hosting server. This is an ongoing cost that includes updating your site content. Updating content can include updating of multimedia items like photos, icons, videos, and written materials in your site. This does not include creation of the content. If you wish to opt for maintenance with your Basic Website, you will need to advise our team and provide access to your hosting. If you need separate services that are not included in these packages, you may purchase them individually by contacting our team for a quote.

2 Hour Consultation

We do this to understand your needs better. This is in-depth so we encourage clients to prepare. We will ask about your company and help define what is needed on your site. Check the “Preparing for Development” section.

CMS Installation

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) for your website. This is not the same as the websites created on WordPress.com as those are hosted in the WordPress company servers. Instead, our team installs a blank CMS into either our hosting or your provided hosting. This ensures we have control over your website completely. See the comparison here. Installing the CMS allows you to have the potential of expanding your website, whether it is a blog, shop, or even booking system.

Image Optimisation

Images can bloat up a website if not properly uploaded and is one of the primary causes for a slow site. We ensure that your images are optimised to the smallest possible size without compromising your design.


Responsive means that it will change how it looks according to the device being used. Websites need to be responsive these days as many people are on mobile. 

SSL Activation

SSL (secure sockets layer) is basically your website security. When setting up a site, it defaults to HTTP and advises browsers that the site is not secure. Activating the SSL changes your site from HTTP to HTTPS and tells the browser that your site is secure.

Theme Installation 

WordPress needs a theme to create the design. We will choose the most suitable for your site.


We offer maintenance only to landing pages. Our team will maintain, backup, and update the website for a small monthly fee.

Contact Form

A contact form is quite handy for websites as your clients can send you a message. We set this up for websites that have several pages.


Self-hosted means you are responsible for hosting your website. Hosting is the storage in which all your website files are stored. If you wish to understand more about how websites work, we’ve created a simple guide here.

cPanel Email Setup

Website hosting often comes with a cPanel area that has an option to create emails. We can set this up if it is available.

2 Hour Basic Web Training
with Documentation

For 5-page+ websites, we find it is easier to hand it over with some basic training and documentation. Once this is completed, the website is completely yours!

eCommerce Shop Setup

An ecommerce shop can be setup with either of the packages but it will cost extra. Please let our team know if you need this during the initial conversation. You can also plan to expand to a shop in the future with either setup as well.

Need something different?

Send our team an email about your specific requirements and we can give you a more accurate quote for your web development project. If you need a more detailed quotation, we can itemize everything for you and provide a service summary to explain where your money is going. We charge you a Detailed Quotation fee for this, but we credit it back to your project once you give us the approval.

Preparing for Development

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