animation studio


Add movement to captivate your audience

Forget the boring and static design; make them instead into animations. Flyer designs, album artworks, social media posts, or even just your general artwork can all be made to move. If you need assistance with more than just one animation and need ongoing solutions, send a message or choose a package that will suit your budget.


Commercial Animation

My expertise can help your business with creating works involving:

Just like design, animation is an extension of the research into your competitors and audience. Here’s three very different examples of animation previously created for clients. Some clients might require videos edited into their promotional video while others might include only graphic artwork. Depending on what your project requires, the conversation might have to be much longer to discuss the budget, resources and timeframe.

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Just after a one-off project?

Because a lot of my time is spent on working with clients, one-off projects have been priced on this website. Each project allows 5 revisions. Bigger projects allow for 5 revisions at each phase of the project. Simply choose what you need and make the purchase to be placed in my job queue.