Explainer Video

$ 2,500.00

A 2D Animated Explainer Video that is between 1-3 minutes.

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A 2D Animated Explainer Video that is between 1-3 minutes. These are difficult to know how long it will take to produce so a base rate is provided. We highly advise that you contact our team. This process involves: storyboarding, a first pass, and a second pass before the final output.


What You Will Receive

  • One full length explainer video in high definition (HD) quality – This is usually in mp4 format that is 1920 x 1080 pixels in dimension
  • A one minute snippet of your choosing from the video
  • A thumbnail of your choosing from the final video that will be provided in JPG format


Your Service

We structure our process so you always know where the animation is at, and to make it easier for you to make key decisions as things progress. The process is a guide, and we’re always flexible when it comes to what the client needs.


We take time to chat with you and jot down the vision that’s on your mind. We’ll work out any requirements and understand from you where to fill creative gaps.


Based on our consultation, we will develop your Animation Outline and provide storyboards for you to review. These will reflect what is happening in the animation. We will make suggestions for best practices and let you know what is possible in the timeframe.  You may have three revisions of the storyboards.

First Pass

Our team will send a first pass version of the animation. This is also called a first draft and we do not expect it to be completed at this stage. There might not be any background music or sound effects yet but the voice over (if any) will be added so you can provide feedback on whether the visuals are suitable and if timing and pace of animation is good. You will again have up to three revisions.

Second Pass

Our team will send you a second pass video of the animations. This will include the background music and sound effects (if any). This is a critical stage and you are encouraged to really look at the video thoroughly so that we can make the final tweaks. Once again, you will have up to three revisions so watch it all carefully and let us know your final adjustments.

Final Stage

We make final adjustments based on all your feedback, and send the final high quality video to you. This is everything in “What You Will Receive” so you can start showing off your brand new, professionally-animated video.

IMPORTANT: Video files can get large so we often provide this to the client via our Google Drive which is restricted only to the specific client. You are free to share the video to whomever you wish once you download it yourself and place it in your own storage or hosting. The link we provide you will expire within six months so please do not forget to download your file!


What We Need From You

  • Brand materials – this is the logo and any information about the fonts and colours that will be used including (if you have one) a brand guide.
  • The voice over – someone has to speak over the video and we encourage clients to do their own for a personal touch. We will edit the sound but please try and record it without any background noise in the back.
  • Media of your brand – If the brand has particular photos or videos that you want to include within the explainer video, you will need to send this to our team in good quality.
  • The background music – We provide sound effects to the animation but background music will be your choosing. We can suggest some at additional charge or you can find your own to purchase externally and send it to our team!
  • The Animation Outline –  If you don’t have any idea, you will need to have a 2-hour consultation with one of our professionals so we can define the animation outline for the project.