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How did I get there? Simple. As a kid I loved to draw. As an Asian migrating to Australia, I had to finish university. This means I ended up completing a Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment with an animation major. Surprisingly along the way, I also ended up studying a semester of scriptwriting and photography.

But what happened after my studies? Every work that hired me, pushed me towards graphic design and web development. So, my last contract with TAFE QLD actually coined the term; They hired me as a Multimedia Developer along with other staff that were already in this role. We would film and edit videos, create marketing material, and even gamify learning modules. The term just fits nicely for such a broad position that literally just got you to “do anything to finish the job”.

Anyway, enough about my history, I’m just here to share some art.

..and maybe some tips for other aspiring artists out there.

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