Promotional Materials

Isiah McKimmie

by Jozzelle De Jesus

The Project

Isiah McKimmie is a renowned couples therapist; otherwise known as a sexologist. Her brand involves various promotional materials for her podcast. From cover arts and banners to animated podcast snippets, the following are a few examples of works created for her podcast.

Cover Art

Cover art requirements are provided by the platform and this one needed to be 3000 x 3000 pixels. Isiah’s branding is already established with her fonts and colours and she handed these over for the design. Photographs were also provided for the design.

Square Post

Most podcast posts with Isiah is animated along with a snippet of her podcast but an occasional static post is also required like the one shown. All animations are created to fit instagram squares and are therefore done in a 1080 x 1080 pixel dimension.

brisbane podcast design


banners brisbane

Isiah’s website required site banners and post banners in a specific size. The website blog is a crucial part of her podcast and adding the visual designs helped show her audience who’s voice they are listening to during the podcast. She wanted a template where we would simply olace the guest speaker next to her photo. This option made her brand consistent but also kept her design costs low as it took less time to re-create banners.

EDIT IN 2023

Isiah is still a returning customer with E. Studios. She has since, rebranded and we have created new documents and designs in line with the new brand. She was one of my earlier clients back when I was starting as a freelancer using Airtasker. You can still see my customer reviews on the platform.

*All images used for collating these works are for preview purposes only and are not necessarily the correct dimensions or resolution. Please do not repost or re-use any media without permission from the client and our studio. Reproduction of these images are subject to Copyright Laws. Please note that folio works are written shortly after completion of works and businesses may change or close down in future.

The Hand Over

Promotional designs are often fast-paced and may come in various formats depending on what the client requires. Digital formats may also require the 20% text rule if clients are boosting their material. For promotional materials, we may provide our clients with the following files:

  1. Flyers and Posters – Flyers and posters are printable materials and require different colour information and resolutions. Please let our team know what size you require and if your printer requires a “bleed”. 
  2. Square Post – The square post has the dimensions of 1080 x 1080 pixels and is provided in JPG. They are very useful for social media and may be animated or created as a still post.
  3. Story Post – Story posts are put up in social media and have a vertical HD dimension of 1080 x 1920 pixels and are provided in JPG. 
  4. Other Media – Some clients may request for a custom dimension or format. They will need to specify this when starting a project.

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