Basic Website

$ 3,000.00

A design and development of a Basic Website.

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Please note this type of website may be suitable for you if you fall into one of the following:

  • A small business who wants to handle their own website maintenance and SEO.
  • A professional who has a lot of content to place online for their customers.
  • A business which previously had a large website and wishes to refresh their look.
  • Clients who previously had a landing page or an All-In-One website.


What’s Included

A design and the development of a Basic Website. A Basic Website includes up to 6 pages which are classified as the Home Page, About Page, Contact Page and 3 Sub-Pages that can either be focused on your features, products, or services. This also includes:

  • 2 Hour Consultation
  • CMS Installation
  • Image Optimisation
  • Responsive Design
  • SSL Activation
  • Theme Installation
  • Self-Managed Hosting*
  • Contact Form
  • cPanel Email Setup
  • 2 Hour Basic Web Training with Documentation
*Self-Managed Hosting or Self-Hosted means you are responsible for the ongoing costs of keeping your website running. Hosting providers will usually give you a monthly fee for hosting which is a separate charge to buying your domain. You will need both to create a website.


What You Will Receive

  • One completed website that is yours to maintain.
  • One documentation of how to do basic maintenance of your new website.
  • The page designs in a digital PDF document.


Please read our Terms of Service carefully before proceeding.


How it Works

Below is a summary of what our team will do and what is expected of you for each part of the process. Please read these carefully! If you want a little background on how websites work, you can read about it here.


We will arrange a 2 hour consultation and find out what you require. You will need to be ready with your preferences so make sure to check out some of your competitors to see what you prefer! If you already know exactly what you want, then send us all the information and we can skip the consultation!

Our team will then put together a tailored proposal to send for your approval.


We only require a 30% deposit to begin the work so if you wish, we will send an invoice for the deposit amount. Otherwise, if you’re happy to pay the full amount, we can process the order in full.

Collaborate: The Stages

In the “Collaborate” part of the process, we break it down into three main stages where you can provide our team with feedback.

Wireframe – The wireframe of the site won’t be functionally working as this is not live so don’t worry! The content also won’t make sense as they are just placeholders for the content you will send us.

What we will do What we need from you
We find out what is trending and what styles or approaches will be suitable for your brand. We will make suggestions for best practices and let you know what is possible in the timeframe. 

The wireframe will be provided to you via a link that you can view and comment. It will have:

  • Placeholder content
  • Page layout(s)
Look and provide feedback on:

  • Layout – is this how you want each page to look like?
  • Colours – are the colours used the ones you wanted?
  • Spacing – is it spaced out nicely that the site is easy to look at?
  • Fonts and Text – Are we using the right type of font to match your brand?

You will need to think about your domain and hosting and this needs to be ready for the next stage to be started.

You may have three revisions


First Pass

What we will do What we need from you
This is also called a first draft and we do not expect it to be completed at this stage. We will go into cPanel and:

  • Set up database & host with DNS
  • Install WordPress via FTP
  • Activate basic SSL
  • Install a theme
  • Setup of menus, footer & other links
  • Create a responsive layout
  • Create from the Wireframe 

We will add a child theme to keep it completely customisable. We will also setup a contact form that will go to your email.

You need to provide us access to your hosting and domain.

We need you to look and provide feedback on:

  • Functionality – do the links go to where they need to?
  • Responsiveness – do you like how it looks like when you see it on mobile?
  • Aesthetic – do you like how it is looking?

The content for your website doesn’t need to be ready but it will help if you have them as you can see how they will fit in the page. 

You will again have up to three revisions.


Second Pass

What we will do What we need from you
Our team will send you a second pass with all of your content and this is a very critical stage. We will:

  • Optimise images
  • Insert all content in correct locations
  • Create any icons required
  • Gather any stock footage and embed any videos required
  • Adjust layouts to fit with content better
  • Optimise page(s)
  • Ensure SSL site security
  • We will create a company email for you that will include 2GB of storage only.
First, you need to provide us your content:

  • Photos – your own photos make the site  more personalised but we can use stock
  • Videos – videos should be uploaded to either YouTube or Vimeo as this can get heavy in a site and you don’t want it to be loading slow!
  • Written information – make sure you proofread your written material as we only place this in!

Then we need you to look and provide feedback on everything! You are encouraged to really look at the website thoroughly so that we can make the final tweaks. 

Once again, you will have up to three revisions.


What else do I need to know?

Websites do have some legal requirements which need to be displayed to your customers. If a separate web page is needed for this content, this is included in the package. If you wish to find out more, you can also visit our Web Services page.


Hand Over

We will hand over documentation for you to continue website management. You will need to remember that at hand over, you need to maintain your website yourself which includes paying your hosting and domain provider as well as continuous website backup, management and maintenance.