Onefour Animated Promotions

Onefour Animated Promotions

The Brand

Onefour is a popular hip hop group in Australia known for their style of drill rap. Many of their concerts have been cancelled due to the aggressive nature of their songs.

Promotional materials are often censored from foul language and imagery so the videos were filtered to ensure our team uses the cleanest promo.

You can see the static promotional materials created along with this project here.

Square Posts

The square animated posts were mixed with the artists video material. Our team layers motion graphics on top with the details of the event.

Story Posts

The story animated posts were created to match the square posts. The flyers were also animated as extra content to be posted.

Need this kind of Animation?

The Hand Over

  1. At the end of an animation, we provide our clients with the following files:

    MP4 – The MP4 video format is one of the most fluid formats to use which is why the final video will be exported in MP4.