by Jozzelle De Jesus

Mock Up

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The Brand

Zeeme Water’s aim is to make water more fun and fresh. The brand needed to reflect this in their promotional material. The original brand was called Aeonx but the owner realised that this brand name was already taken.

*All images used for collating these works are for preview purposes only and are not necessarily the correct dimensions or resolution. Please do not repost or re-use any media without permission from the client and our studio. Reproduction of these images are subject to Copyright Laws.

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The Hand Over

At the end of a packaging design, we provide our clients with the following files:

  1. PNG Mock Ups – If you opted for a mock up, we provide this in PNG. The png is a transparent format and is useful when creating a layered design. We may also provide this in PDF with specific colour information that you can provide to your printer. Some products like bucket hats or visors may only require a mock up, please consult with your printer.
  2. Printable PDF Labels – If you already have a mock up and only require labelling, the printable label comes in a PDF printable format that can be sent to the printers. To create a printable label, the client must ask for the printing template for their product.